About The Farm

Tully Dolci was created in 2007 from a desire to grow and produce a fresh, clean, healthy product. Raising Chicken on certified organic pasture and feed, sun, wind and fresh air all contribute to what we believe is a noticably superior tasting Chicken. Our birds come in as day olds, they are brooded and moved out to pasture in three weeks. We raise small batches and all birds are processed on the farm, thus avoiding the stress of transportation to a processing facility. We also raise ALBC endangered list Turkeys and layers. We grow seasonally beginning in February and ending at Thanksgiving. Our Hens lay year round. However, egg production decreases in the winter as we use no artificial means to extend the growing/laying season, they are truly 'happy hens'. Tully Dolci also runs a small cow/calf operation raising grass fed beef.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Grass sprouting and growing, animals are so happy to be
nibbling, plucking and scratching at fresh grass.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Dog Coco meets new Weirauch 'hot' fence